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Opportunity for Women in the Investment Industry

Demand for female Financial Advisors is strong, but the job's attraction is undeniably weak.

According to a survey by the Insured Retirement Institute, 40% of those women who said they do not wish to become a Financial Advisor, feel the career is not interesting enough.

But 25% of women surveyed said they became interested when they learned that the median income was over $88,000, and more than $350,000 for the higher end.

There is a very high demand for Female Advisors because a lot of female clients want to work with female Financial Financial Advisors and feel more comfortable with another woman, according to Metlife Financial in New York.

A study by Pershing found that 70% of women would like to work with a female Financial Advisor. But only 7.9% of Financial Advisors who work directly with clients are women, according to Cerulli Associates Inc.

Shrewd firms understand that a large number of consumers in the future will be wealthy women who have built their fortunes through "women owned" businesses or gained it through a divorce settlement or an inheritance.

Dynamic Career Opportunity

After more than 52 years in the Investment Industry, I am very similar to many of my peers. We are Baby Boomers at or near retirement. However, of the more than 300,000 Financial Advisors (FAs) in the country, less than 5% are under 30 years old. And the average age of Financial Advisors in 2019 is 55 years old. Existing Advisors are looking for younger FAs to take on their books of business.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a 32% growth rate over the next decade for FAs compared to a projected 14% growth rate for all other occupations.

The median pay for an FA over the past 3 years is over $88,000 but it could reach more than 4 times that amount according to Forbes Magazine, depending on the location and specialty practice of the advisory business.

What's the first step to enter the Financial Advisory World? A bachelors degree is very important. Surprisingly, the major is not that important. Consequently, if you are a college graduate, the Financial Advisory Industry could very well be in your future.