Financial Speaker Reviews

  • "Thomas was a great speaker"
    "Noonan told great stories that made investments more approachable and understandable"
    "The best speaker I've heard in a long time was Thomas Noonan"

    Trustees & Administrators, San Diego, CA
  • "Excellent presentation. Very informative and engaging!"
    "Great explanations. Loved the stories!"
    "Best speaker of the program!"

    Understanding the World of Investments, San Francisco, CA
  • "I would like to hear a series of lectures from Mr. Noonan...I believe he is so knowledgeable that he would be great teaching almost any financial subject"
    "Good delivery style and sense of humor aided presentation"
    "WOW. Could not have been better"
    "40 years in the business was obvious. Great financial history lesson"
    "I could listen to Mr. Noonan all day. He gives information with real examples"

    IFEBP Investments Institute, Phoenix, AZ
  • "Excellent presentation. Lucid. Light. Very understandable"
    "Mr. Noonan has been the most exciting speaker yet... Thank you. More of Mr. Noonan"
    "Speaker provides real life stories - excellent"
    "Home run... very captivating. Best session"
    'Get him back to speak on more in-depth investment topics"
    "Could have listened another hour"

    IFEBP Trustee & Administrator Institute, Orlando, FL
  • "Excellent speaker. There was no dull moment. Kept me interested the whole session"
    "Very dynamic, informative speaker"
    "Very good speaker"
    "Everything great, especially explaining mortgages, banks etc."
    "Excellent! Professional. He is an extremely important speaker at the I.F. seminars"

    IFEBP T & A Institute, Las Vegas, NV
  • "Great session! Exactly what I wanted"
    "Totally fascinating. Can"t wait for the 2nd half"
    "Most educational session of the conference"
    "Best ever session. Two sessions not enough"
    "Very energetic speaker"

    IFEBP Institute CPAs and Accountants, Carlsbad, CA