Why Colleges Need Thomas Noonan to Speak

In a story written by Carly Stockwell in USA Today, college is more popular than ever. With an estimated 21 million students in class this year, there were hundreds of majors to chose from. What is the most popular academic major chosen by students? The number one major chosen is Business Administration & Management, commonly referred to as Business Major. What can a college graduate do with a degree in Business? There are many industry openings including Management, Sales, Marketing, Insurance, Banking, Personal Finance, Real Estate and Investment Banking.

There is a very lucrative profession that is being overlooked by these college graduates, and that is why colleges need to hire Thomas R Noonan as a public speaker. The average Investment Advisor in the United States and Thomas R Noonan have 2 things in common. They are Investment Advisors and they are old!!! The average Investment Advisor is within 5 years of retirement. Only 5% of those employed as Investment Advisors are 30 years old or younger. There is an even greater shortage of female Investment Advisors. Why are young people steering clear of a profession as an Investment Advisor? There are multiple reasons. Some believe computers will replace Advisors in the future. Others don't trust Wall Street. Many want to start the next Facebook or Twitter. The real reason may be something as basic as a lack of understanding of what an Investment Advisor is or what an Investment Advisor does. Shouldn't it be worth 60 to 90 minutes of time for college business majors to listen to a professional speaker who is an Investment Advisor and has over 40 years working in the Investment industry? Would you like to learn how to gain entry into the Investment Advisory industry? What are some of the secrets of success? How much money can you expect to earn as an Investment Advisor? Why do some succeed and others fail as Investment Advisors? What happens if interest rates rise in the future? What happens if the stock market has a big decline?

Those colleges and universities that hire Thomas R Noonan as a speaker can expect to learn a great deal and be entertained at the same time. There is no substitute for his experience. There is also no limit to success for students who are soon to be in the work place, once they have the knowledge that Thomas R Noonan brings to them about the Investment Advisory Industry.