College Students Career Opportunity

When I was a college student I wasn't really concerned about a career opportunity.  I took Army ROTC and was commissioned as a Second Lieutenant in the Army on the day I received my college diploma. Since we were in the middle of the Viet Nam war, I knew what my occupation was going to be. Two years later I was discharged from Army active duty and found myself looking for a career as a civilian. I had no clue what the future had in store for me. I began applying for jobs in many different sectors. After multiple applications and job interviews, I finally landed a job as a stockbroker trainee. I didn't really know what a stockbroker did. I was just thankful to get a job with a salary.

Today stockbrokers are referred to as financial advisors. They also can be known as investment advisors. After over 40 years in the investment industry, I am known as an investment advisor. There is one similarity that I have with other investment advisors in the US. We're all old!! The average investment advisor in the US is within 5 years of retirement. Only 5% of investment advisors are 30 years old or younger. There is a demand to fill a void in investment advisory careers. This shortage of young investment advisors is even more acute for young female investment advisors.

As a professional public speaker, I am always looking for the opportunity to speak to students on college or university campuses. I have found that the investment advisory profession is not of great interest to students. That is only true until they learn about the amount of money that can be earned in the investment advisory industry. If an investment advisor chooses to locate in a small community, he or she can earn a respectable living. However, if a young investment advisor chooses to become established in a large metropolitan area, he or she could have a six figure monthly income in the not too distant future.